People of Computer Science and Engineering

Jie Cheng
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Associate Professor, Computer Science

Research: Bioinformatics, pattern recognition, high-performance computing and visualization.

Francis Ray M. Cristobal
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Information Technology Specialist, Computer Science

IT System Administration, Networks, Desktop Support, Project Management,
Instructional Design, E-Learning Development

Harry “Keith” Edwards
Email Harry “Keith” EdwardsHarry “Keith” Edwards PhoneHarry “Keith” Edwards Personal Website
Chair, Computer Science; Professor, Computer Science, 932-7522, CHA room 2E
Sevki S. Erdogan
Email Sevki S. ErdoganSevki S. Erdogan PhoneSevki S. Erdogan Personal Website
Professor, Computer Science, 932-7528, CHA room 4B
Natasha P. Goltz
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Lecturer, Computer Science, None, CHC room 11
James Kiley
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Lecturer, Computer Science
Barbara Meguro
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Instructor, Computer Science, 932-7523, CHA room 3A
Michael Peterson
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Associate Professor, Computer Science, 932-7525, CHA room 3
Shawon S. M. Rahman
Email Shawon S. M. RahmanShawon S. M. Rahman PhoneShawon S. M. Rahman Personal Website
Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, (808) 932-7524, CHA room 345A-3B
Ted V. Shaneyfelt
Email Ted V. ShaneyfeltTed V. Shaneyfelt PhoneTed V. Shaneyfelt Personal Website
Lecturer, Computer Science, 932-7726, CHA room 3D